Safe Care


One Family, 3 Infections: The Journey Begins

The Nahums healthcare nightmare begins at the end of 2006 when they finally come to the shocking realization that 3 family members have become infected by their medical care in 3 different hospitals in 3 different states in 10 months time.

November 2005 March 2006 September 2006 October 2006

The First Infection

Victoria's Infection is Discovered

Josh is injured

Josh dies

Rochester, NY:


In November of 2005, Quint Nahum acquires bacterial pneumonia after being hospitalized for and surviving a heart attack.


His physician prescribes antibiotics and over the next few weeks he recovers completely.

Atlanta, GA:


Over a course of 6 years, Victoria Nahum and her husband Armando are baffled as Victoria’s health slowly but steadily declines.


She is plagued by a mysterious illness with a myriad of seemingly unrelated symptoms.


In March 2006, breast explant surgery reveals the cause of her illness:


Staph biofilm is found slathered all over the surface of her saline implant.

Longmont, CO:


6 months later, on Labor Day weekend 2006, the Nahum’s son, Josh Nahum is injured in a skydiving accident, breaking his leg and fracturing his skull.


After weeks in ICU, he is recovering so well, he is moved to a physical rehab facility so that he may continue his progress. But suddenly, his doctors discover an infection (the 3rd one he has acquired during his medical care).


This time it is enterobacter aerogenes, a gram negative infection in his cerebro - spinal fluid. The infection causes so much pressure on his brain that it pushes part of it into his spinal column, irreversibly damaging his spinal cord and making him a permanent ventilator - dependent quadriplegic before it eventually kills him.

Boulder, CO:


October 22, 2006:


After all of his real progress and weeks of promising recovery, Joshua Nahum dies.


Most tragically, he does not die from injuries stemming from his original accident; unbelievably, he dies from infections he acquires from his medical care.

This TIME LINE presents the most current events in the Nahum family’s journey, backwards, to the beginning of their personal quest to help effect change in the culture of American healthcare.