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Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative

Providing Critical Support to Combat Antibiotic-Resistance Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance (AR), when bacteria don’t respond to the drugs designed to kill them, threatens to return us to the time when simple infections were often fatal. CDC is working to protect today’s life-saving antibiotics and the future of medical innovation from the threat of antibiotic resistance.


In fiscal year 2016, Congress appropriated $160 million for CDC to fight AR. With these investments, CDC implemented the Antibiotic Resistance Solutions Initiative, which is improving national infrastructure to detect, respond, and contain resistant infections across healthcare settings and communities.


CDC has distributed the largest extramural portion of this funding to support all 50 state health departments, the six largest local health departments, and Puerto Rico. The AR Solutions Initiative will support comprehensive and coordinated public health action against AR across all states and in several cities and counties.


These key investments will transform how CDC and public health partners combat and slow antibiotic resistance at all levels. This funding also allows CDC to protect American lives, interests, and the homeland by piloting actions to address the growing crisis of AR internationally. For fiscal year 2017, an additional $40 million proposed in the budget will ensure the nation’s ability to stand up a full response faster in every state. state.

Learn how CDC is investing in your area to combat AR:

AR Solutions Initiative Fact Sheets by Topic


View the fact sheets below for more on how the AR Solutions Initiative provides critical support to combat AR.




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